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Totally rock balls band names [Aug. 21st, 2006|06:41 pm]
Townhacking Bloomington


[mood |energeticWylde Scallyns]

It's well known that Bloomington has a bunch of terrible bands with puns in their names, but they aren't doing enough.  Many awesome names for terrible bands are going without homes, and so I ask you, people who want to make bloomington more awesome, to consider giving homes to these awesome band names:
  • Baron Reginald VonPanzerkiefer and His Fun-Time Speed Metal Trio (acoustic metal)
  • Coronary Trombonesis (shitty ska)
  • Galboss Alarm Clock (nerdcore psychedelica)  (Bonus nerd points if you get both references there)
  • Herman Wouk's Head (prog-rock) (It should be noted for those of you who haven't felt the need to cry today that the Wikipedia entries for Herman's Head and Herman Wouk are the same length)
  • Bizarre Roland (I don't know what genre of music they enjoy, but I bet it's awesome, and they all have sinister facial hair, even the chick who plays bass)

We are a no-kill awesome band name shelter, so if you have an abandoned awesome band name, leave it in the comments, and we'll find it a good home.

[User Picture]From: altiii
2006-08-22 05:44 pm (UTC)
well the true test of a band name is to see how it looks on a shitty flyer:
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